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Commercial Liability - Professional Liability Insurance Defined

Professional Liability Insurance would provide coverage for an alleged error, omission, or negligence by an insured. For example - doctors, dentists, hospitals, lawyers, etc. If the entity carries professional liability insurance, a claim could be filed against their policy.

Professional Liability Insurance is also commonly known as Medical Malpractice Insurance for insureds in the medical field.

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Commercial Property - Business Interruption Coverage

Business interruption insurance is coverage that provides funds for a business to continue to operate at its normal or other locations after the business has been damaged by a covered peril. For example, additional expense to re-establish business records, expense to relocate the business; loss of income due to relocation, etc., would be covered.

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Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Our Business Owners Policy is designed specifically for small retail businesses, offices, condominiums with five or more attached units, apartment houses, and building owners who lease out their premises with similar occupancies. BOP gives you peace of mind because it covers several perils including property & general liability, as well as a wide array of options.

Contract & Commercial Surety Bonds

We can meet the bonding needs of businesses by providing third party contract & commercial bonds to business owners. Contract Bonds guarantee that the party will fulfill his or her commitments according to contract specifications. Commercial Bonds are required by most commercial entities. They guarantee compliance on the part of individuals and firms with the laws, regulations, or private agreements to which principals become obligated.

Cargo & Transportation Insurance

Covers your company’s goods & products while they are in transit.

Liability Insurance

Protects your business from financial loss as a result of injuries, death or property damage caused by your products, business operations or employees.

Property Insurance

Protects business property & physical assets. Your property is the building and equipment and inventory you own.


A bond is a guarantee that a specific duty will be discharged, a certain performance maintained or a specific obligation fulfilled. Fidelity bonds are essentially guarantees that certain acts on the part of employees will not be committed. Surety bonds, on the other hand, emphasize that certain things will happen.

Business (Income) Interruption

A type of property insurance related to a business's inability to function due to losses incurred. It provides money to you for your fixed expenses, payroll and, if necessary, the extra expense of temporarily relocating to another location. You can also buy insurance to cover any Extra Expense coverage, additional expenses incurred in getting your business back into operation.

Commercial Crime

Covers the cost of losses arising from employees' dishonest or fraudulent acts such as forgery, burglary, computer fraud, and extortion.

Directors' and Officers' Coverage

Provides coverage for directors and officers of a firm in the event they are faced with a claim filed against them personally by stockholders, employees, competitors, creditors, or other third parties because of financial damage or loss. D&O insurance can also be extended to cover the company itself in the event the company is named as well as the D&Os.

Employment Practices Liability

Protects the corporation, directors, officers and employees from employment related claims, for example; wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discipline and failure to employ or promote, etc.

Errors And Omissions Coverage

Sometimes referred to as, Professional Liability protects you against allegations regarding your company's failure to provide an adequate level of professional service which in turn causes your client to suffer monetarily from that failure. These coverages pay the expenses incurred to defend you against such a claim as well as the possible costs of settlements or judgments. Since there is no standard form, the terms of the policy can dramatically differ from insurer to insurer.

Technology Business Package

Broad Property and General Liability coverage with specialized tech-specific terms including coverage for viruses and malicious code. Options to include Auto, Workers Compensation, and Technology Professional Errors & Omissions under one broad coverage package.


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